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A couple of years ago when I was into online marketing, I came across a site, where you can show your site to other members. They can give your site(s) thumbs up or thumbs down, and also comment the site(s) you show. To show your site, you can use your credits. You collect credits by browsing other members' sites and make comments about sites. You can also buy credits if you want to. You choose when and how many credits you want to spend on each site. As soon as your site has been approved, they start to show it to members, who are browsing. It's kind of like an extended surfing exchange site.

For a while I was a paid member on this site, but later I chose to go for the free membership after I had quit my online business. This site is good for free members too. Of course your site will be shown more often to more members if you pay for it, but for me it isn't worth the money. I'm just curious of what people think of my sites, not about the money I could make if they would join my site. I think it's interesting to look at sites from other members too, and to make some comments. By doing that you can communicate better. It's also nice to get some good critic, and sometimes the bad critic can help you improve your sites.

I've learned that people like original sites. The more personal a site is, the more interesting it is. Of course it needs to look good as well. If you see the same site from different people over and over again, it's just boring. Right now I wouldn't even consider joining any of the sites I see while I'm browsing. I'm happy with HubPages, facebook, my blog and a couple of other sites I'm a member on. I can't spend more time online than I do right now. Some days I just have a few minutes to spend on the Internet. That's why I just browse a few sites every now and then. I'm happy with that. And that's why I'm really happy to get just a little feedback on my own sites.

As long as you stay active on this site, you get leveled up. Right now I'm on level 23. I don't really know if that's bad or good. Well, probably it isn't a very high level. I guess paid members are on a much higher level. That doesn't bother me at all. Some people spend more time and money in this site and they are of course on a higher level. You also receive different kinds of points and awards depending on what you do on the site.

I hadn't shown my personal HubPages site on this site until recently. Now, after a few days, I've gotten some nice comments and many thumbs up. I guess I'm doing a good job. I really enjoy my writing, and all the feedback I get makes me want to be a better writer. And of course I love all your comments here on HubPages too. Maybe I could do more to get my hubs shown to more people, but I'm happy to just get noticed every once and a while. I don't aim high yet, but maybe I will in the future. I don't really believe in myself and my writing yet.

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Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi, This is a very interesting hub!

I think you should start to believe in yourself and your writing. From what I have read here you have a lot of potential and practice makes perfect.

This site is very supportive and any advice would be given to you with the sole intention of helping you to grow in confidence.

I enjoyed this hub very much - so please keep on writing and share more of your hubs with us!

Made profile image

Made 5 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you so much, Seeker7. This is the best comment I have gotten on HubPages. I'll try to keep writing hubs. :)

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

Hello Made! You have been missed! I'm happy to see a new hub by you, very creative. Keep the hubs comin' ... never give up!!

Made profile image

Made 5 years ago from Finland Author

Hi Sunshine, thank you. :) I need to find some time to write more hubs, because I love it! I'm just so busy at the moment. Work, studies, children, cats, a house to build and all the chores take all my time. I need hubtime!

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

I understand...more hubtime would be nice! I always appreciate seeing you, stop by when life gives you a break :))

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