Tortoise or Hare -- How To Write Good Internet Content?

Toritose vs Hare
Toritose vs Hare

Remember the catchy children story The Tortoise and The Hare.  They race.  Hare disappears in seconds while Tortoise takes her determined, but good sweet time.  Tortoise is not worry about the crowds.  Nor is Tortoise trying to keep up with the Jones' latest fad.  Internet content is the same race.  Some articles have all the splash of sparkles on a holiday, but who remembers them in a week.

What Do I Love?

Tortoise and Hare did what they both loved.  Hare zipped about sampling things here and their, carrots, lettuce, chatted with friends.  Tortoise did what she loved.  Except, Tortoise loved most of all beating Hare in a race.  As a writer of Internet content, you should write about what you love to do.  Don't write about what someone else loves to do because it's a high-ticket item.  Frankly, I don't drive.  I'm not into automobiles.  Be suspicious if I produce an Internet page on Automobiles!  I don't love cars.  I love writing.  I love giving advice about smaller things, writing, fiction, poetry, the Internet, art, and philosophy.

What ever you love, you'll race to finish it.  You want to finish as many Internet pages or web pages as you can.  More pages increase your perception as authority figure.  Think back to elementary school, middle school, high school, college or your time overseas on vacation.  What did you love then?  What experience with a little research (if necessary) can you write about.  Don't be shy!  If you love straight jeans, write about them.  If you love dye-tyed shirt, write on it.  If you're a cheerleader and love it, tell us something about it meaningful in one page or so.  

Love is energy and your love will flow out to Internet surfers reading your Internet content.

What Unique Slant Can I Bring To This Topic?

Tortoise believed in a unique slant.  If I can beat Hare, Tortoise summarized, I'll be the positive, heroic talk of the world.  Everyone is unique.  In fact, this is what makes Tortoise' victory so memorable.  She did something shocking and odd and uncommon and unconventional.  Well...

You are unique, but unless you let the world Internet surfers know, who will know?  Think about what you do.  Do you just write?  Or do you write horror vacation stories.  Don't tell us about parks in general, unless it is about camping.  Do tell readers about your regional park!  Do you like sports?  Or do you like the high jump?  Many people surf simply to find out what they didn't know or THEY SURF TO FIND OUT SLANTS (slices) OF LIFE they never considered.  Don't take a picture of the rain forest, but take a picture of the rain forest from the point of view of a parrot!  Make every Internet content page tell a story something unique.  This is what is all about.  Allowing the Internet surfer to stumble upon some odd unique slant/slice of life they never considered.  On my blogger I've found the oddest things from stumbling around the Internet.  Did you know 98% of Mainland Chinese know nothing about the Fortune Cookie!  Go to my blogger and find out where the Fortune Cookie originated!

Admit it unique slants matter.  Would you care if Hare beat Ms. Tortoise in a race? 

How Can I Learn More About My Topic?

Hare exhibited one flaw.  He was a racing expert.  Hare had nothing else to learn about racing.  Tortoise considered herself to be a commonperson.  I'm not listed in the animal racing annuals, not yet, Tortoise summarized.  She figured taking the straight path to the finish line a prudent course.  Hare on the other time to the round about route. 

I don't know why more young people don't write Internet content.  Young people love to learn.  They are immersed in what's up and coming -- they have no choice.  They are forced to use technology for everything.  Since they are learning more and more all the time, they qualify to create Internet content. 

Libraries are wired.  You don't even have to walk to libraries anymore.  I know  you can download books, videos, almost anything online.  This means you can learn 24/7 a day, provided you have Internet connection.  If you're writing Internet content consider the old ways of writing magazine articles, but with new technological tools Internet connection and downloading.  I'll list some resources later to help you out.

Listen, Look, Taste, Touch and Smell?

Everywoman and Everyman use their five senses.  Therefore listen, look, taste, touch and smell your way into good Internet content.  We all see, hear, smell, touch and probably taste (not in a harmful or unpleasant way) the Hare and Tortoise running their race.  The rustle of fresh leaves shaking, snapping of twigs, the splashing spray of water from Hare's quick feet.  Hare stopping to eat carrots and so on.  On the other hand, Tortoise did all her eating before the race. 

She was a preplanner.  Internet content involves preplanning too.  The preplanning fabulous five:
Put at least three of these preplanners in your Internet content and people, even advertisers, are bound to return again and again.

Does My Content Appeal To The Average Reader?

Hare didn't care about the average animal.  He compared himself to foxes, zebra and other fast creatures.  Tortoise figured most animals took their time and focused on their strengths like she did.  Does your Internet content appeal to the rocket scientist engineer biologist for the Saturn Moon oil exploration?  Or does it appeal to the people interested in rocketry?  Or planet Saturn?  Or Space exploration crowd? 

Let's face it.  Your Internet content is trying to gain readership.  Do you want the readership of one or ten or hundreds or thousands?  If you want a shot at advertising dollars, and that's what most of Internet content is about.  Write for thousands and thousands of average readers.  Here are some topics to write about:
Love or Relationships
International Travel
Baby Boom Generation

Okay.  You don't know anything about any of these topics!!  I doubt that.  Sit down and consider what you've experienced and know that your average reader might find interesting.  You'll surprise yourself. Everywoman and Everyman is out clicking on the keyboards, surfing the Internet looking for something to read or do or learn.  Give them good Internet content.

What Generation Does My Internet Content Appeal?

I mentioned Baby Boomers.  Hare was a current generation man.  He figured he'd win the race.  After all he was in the in crowd.  This race was a shoo-in, done deal.  Tortoise was out of Hare's generation.  Tortoises live longer than Hares, and since that's the case, Tortoise gave careful consideration to this fact.  She wanted to win for all the generations before and after hers.

Each generation believe it or not. Is here to do its own thing.  Some may find this shocking.  Nevertheless, since that's so --write to each generation in your Internet content.  Broad topic can appeal to Baby Boomers, Yuppies, Guppies, X-Generations and Y-Generation and beyond.  Narrow topic may only appeal to one generation.  Figure out what generation of Internet surfer your content reaches and accept it.  Then exploit it.  Use all that generation's terms. 

Internet Content Treasure Chest?

Some say Tortoise carried her Treasure Chest on her back.  Hare had to shop for dinner before he went home after the race.  Maybe there is some truth here.  Nevertheless, anyone who can carry her home responsibilities on her back and beat Hare in a marathon race has got to be given congratulations!!  Come on, give up a good round of applause for Ms. Tortoise!

Internet content is similar.  If you don't have some trinkets of valuable information the surfer reader can take with him, samplers, why should they return to your website, or Internet page? 

Resources for finding more Internet content subjects:

Special Dictionaries
Dictionary (find a new word and write an Internet page on it)
Bibliographic databases that store magazine indexes
Education Index
Social Sciences Index
Yellow Pages
Ulrich's International periodicals Directory
Abridged Reader's Guide
Chicorel Index to Abstracting and Indexing Services
Magazines for Libraries
Abstracts (summaries of magazine articles)
Sage Urban Studies Abstracts
Abstracts and Indexes in Science and Technology
Public Library Table of Content or Category pages
Music Index
Religion Index
Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature
Writer's Market (these list thousands of magazines you probably never heard of)

Is Your Internet Content Tortoise or Hare?

Some Internet pages are read and clicked away from, never to see a return visit.  Other Internet content articles people bookmark, read twice before they log off, share the article using buttons specifically made for this tasks.  Some articles are printed.  That's the best kind of all.  People can automatically roll (print) an Internet page off into a pdf or screen-print.

In the end, Hare achieved little in the long run, although the race probably was a marathon!  Tortoise won in the end.  Tortoise's name is remembered as the winner.  Hare is remembered for losing to Tortoise.  If you want make money for the advertisers and yourself (as I believe in the virtue of selfishness), make your Internet content -- Tortoise Content.  Internet surfers and their friends, family, co-workers, associates, social networking pals will thank you for doing so -- with page activity, clicks on ads (eventually) and your name in their bookmarks folders for a long time to come.

Author Bio

Cupideros is the owner of a creative writing website, and has used these methods in his fiction writing and has a Free Online Fiction Writing Course and Free Online Poetry Writing Course.  He is the owner of where he sells astrology reports, future transits, friends and lover reports.  If you want to order 20+Characters for Fiction, you'll find this one


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