Unitary form of Government

Unitary Government

 A unitary government may be defined as on in which the powers are concenterated in the hands of a central government.There may be local governments, but they are not free from the control of the central government.They are the creation or and derive their power from, the central government and as such are subordinate to the same in all respects.They are the mere agents of the central government.The best examples of the unitary government is that of great Bratain and france.
Salient Features of Unitary Government.
A unitary government differs from fedral type in its organization and many other features which are given below.
In the federal form of government there is a constitutional division of powers between the central and unit-governments.In unitary form there is not such constitutional division of powers,except that there may be the delegation of authority by the central government to the local one.In a fedral government, the constitution is the supreme.It determine the powers between the two sets of governent,both of which are equal before the constitution.but in the unitary government the central government may be the supreme authority.In the fedration the units are independent of center in their own spheres, Whereas the local government in aunitary system are subordinate to the center.unitarianism in short, means "the concentration of the strength of the state in the hands of one visible sovereign power, be that power parliament are czar.Federalism means the distribution of the force.The state among the number of coordinate bodies each originating in and controlled by the constitution".The sovereign in a federal state is not like the English parliament an ever wakeful legislator, but like a monarch who slumbers and sleeps.And a monarch who slimbers for years is like a monarchwho does not exist.'
A unitary governement may have unwritten are flexible constitution.But a federal government cannot work successfully unless it possesses a written and rigid constitution.In a federal government, generally the judiciary plays a vital part in administration.It decides the disputes that may crop up between the central and provincial governments or between one unit and the other.It onterprets the constitution and may declare an act of any governments or between one unit and the other.It interprets the constitution and may declare an act of any government as ultra vires.The judiciary in the unitary form does not possess any such powers.There is no need to have an authority to decide conflicts of jurisdiction between the center and local authority. There the central government is supreme over the local governments.

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it help me to come out from a big problem

raj 6 years ago

it help me to come out from a big problem

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yahaya 5 years ago

why is democracy no longer what its supose to b? In most country that practices democracy today not all human right can be exercise by its citizen and yet the government are doing nothing about it.why??

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ashley williams 5 years ago

i cant believe it. how could people make unitary governments. its selfish. there should be all democracies in all continents.

ashley williams 5 years ago

i cant believe it. how could people make unitary governments. its selfish. there should be all democracies in all continents.

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Pakistan is also a good example of unitary form of govt.

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This text is so informating,Educating and enlightening. As an undergraduat, i rommend this site to all Nigerian students,especially those studying political science/ public administration.

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Really, fantastic way of the comparision done about unitary and federal government.

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government of parvez mussarffe is a form of unitary government.

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