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Creating a brand that people can readily recognize and follow isn't an easy task, especially if you prefer to write about a wealth of different topics. The nice thing about, is that they have a certain charisma that gets woven into articles that pull you in and keep you hooked. And when you're writing for Hubpages, the best compliment you can get is for people to visit your articles when you post them, and to enjoy them so much, that they leave you a comment. Even disagreements generate conversation, and those conversations can lead to other articles, and so the circle continues.

It's All About Presence

When you're writing for a site like Hubpages, there are obvious guidelines that have to be followed. Certain formats that need to be used, or stipulations and regulations that allow writers to optimize their articles for supreme quality. But formats and regulations don't make an article read worthy. You have to have foresight and intuition about what readers are going to want to read. Whatever your topic, you have to get the readers' to bite as soon as they click on your article.

Gaining a readers' attention has to happen in that first opening paragraph, and it has to keep it long enough for them to finish the article. You have to be able to provide old information in a way that makes your readers “see” it in a new way. Not just your perception on the information you're writing, but being able to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, every time you sit down at the computer. But your article also has to be easy to skim and glean information from. With smaller and smaller attention spans for mundane information, people often times skim articles to quickly pick out the important pieces of data before moving on to the next article.

Less Is More

In the constant stream of internet information the “Less is More” concept serves most writers very well. This concept runs on the theory that people rarely read an entire article, instead they skim and jump from piece to piece, gleaning information as they go. It's the same with writing for hubpages. While you want to provide an article that is solidly based, you also want to make sure that your content meets the quality and quantity standards set by precedent for the hubpages guidelines.

So when you're writing for a site like hubpages and you've got all your content formatted to meet their criteria, be sure to read through it a couple times. Look not only for grammatical or spelling errors, but also think very hard about the substance of your article. Does it answer any questions that are posed in the beginning? Does it have enough “meat” to satisfy what the reader is wanting to become informed about? Did you do enough research to be sure that your information is correct? The more questions you can say “yes” to, the better. Your article needs to be concise enough to be scanned quickly, and thick enough in content to grab a reader and keep them hooked until the end. Be sure that it isn't bogged down in rhetoric or garbled language. Be happy with not only the layout and flow of the provided information, but your ability to scan and glean information as well. If you can easily pick out the important content, your readers should be able to as well.

Social Media Leads to Hubpage visits

Social media gives writers access to literally thousands of potential readers and visitors with each click of the mouse. By placing your Hubpage articles on your social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Vemma you can easily boost your Hubpage views by hundreds, if not thousands. The more sites you use, the better your results.

Other sites such as: Stumble Upon, and Reddit, also offer opportunities to get views and expose your hubpages articles to potential readers across the globe. With the access that instant wi-fi, and increasingly accessible mobile devices offer, your reader base can expand over night to include followers from any and every country. So the next time you're posting an article to hubpages, remember that less is more and social media is your work horse. It'll save you time and open up considerable resources for your use.

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