What Readers would want to read?

As I have want to increase traffic in my HubPages, I’ve been interested in “What people might want to read?” and so I said to myself, why don’t I just make a hub out of my research and share it to others as well, especially to new hubbers like me. Let’s start with what would interest your reader.


Readers want to read most of the “How to’s”. People want to have an alternative for everything, especially when the one’s they know is not working perfectly for them. Detailed direction on procedure is always a winner. Not only professional or experts can do this, even the simplest person may discover something that suits well and might think of sharing it, for others to try if it will suit them as well.


How to draw?
How to draw?


Everybody needs a driving force every now and then. Our mood lightens up every time we read something that is inspiring especially during the times when we are down and miserable.


The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible


Readers wanted to be updated on the new stuff all the time. It may be about current events or maybe about the latest gadgets on the market or about the latest innovations. Whatever it is, people want to be informed.


What is RSS?
What is RSS?

Now it’s not enough that you know what might interests your readers, it would be better if you’ll know what would drive them into reading your stuff.

*Write something that you yourself would want to read

Ask yourself if you would see this particular topic, would you be interested to read it. It is not enough that it’s instructional, inspirational or informative. It should also be timely and sensible.

*Readers want to read shorter but juicier content

Most people will not waste hours in just reading one article. When they want to know something, they would rather get an answer in an instant.

*Readers want to read simpler text

Sometimes it’s nice to brag about how rich our vocabulary is, but we must consider that not everybody will appreciate reading complex wordings. Choosing simpler words will work best especially that World Wide Web, obviously is for the whole world and not just for the English speaking territory.

*Readers are more attracted to an article with Pictures or Videos

Admit it; it’s a bit boring to read a book with no pictures in it, same goes with an article or a blog with purely text on it.

I guess that’s it unless you have some other things that you may want to add, you can also share it to me so that I can include it in my personal list. Well now in my two days of stay here in HubPages, here are some of the few hubs that had caught my attention and inspired me to become a better hubber.

I also like the works of Lela Davidson and Dottie1. Of course there are lots of other wonderful hubs and hubbers out there, but they are just too many to mention. And I still need to explore HubPages more.

Until my next hub, I hope I can come up with a hub that is worth reading. I hope this one does.

After 5 months!

eIn my five months of stay here in HubPages a lot of hubber comes and a lot of 'em go. I may not always be around but here are some of the hubber friends that stay close in my heart: teacher Michelle or Ripplemaker, teacher Susan Ng, Dottie, anglnwu, GeneralHowitzer, Ms. Daisy B. as in Dayzeebee. They are not just good writers but very lovable and inspirational individuals as well. =)

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compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 7 years ago from London UK

Great hub and a well worth read! with useful nuggets iof information!

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

Thanks compu-smart. I really appreciate it! See yah around!

Dottie1 profile image

Dottie1 7 years ago from MA, USA

I agree with your list of what readers want to read and found it definitely worthwhile my read.

I just read a hub this week about what we owe our readers. I hope you don't mind me leaving the link here. I think it is something we can all benefit from.


And Thank you Charia for the name mention! Keep writing!

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

Thanks for the encouragement Dottie1. And no problem w/ the link.

Haunty profile image

Haunty 7 years ago from Hungary

Thanks, Charia. This is some advice I think most good writers would agree on. I myself love simple, tangible and credible hubs. You mentioned that you keep track of the people you've fanned. I'm trying to do that too. :)

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

I believe you Haunty; I know you do that even before I commented about that, if not then I probably would not post it there. lol!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Hi Sol, loved your tips! :) I agree about the photos/videos and choosing whether it is informative, inspirational or instructional. I find myself gravitating towards the inspirational stuff. LOL

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

Hello teacher Michelle. I think I should update this and include you as one who has truly inspired me here in HP. I mean there's a big difference in 2days and 5months you know. LOL!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Hi Charia--Sol, wow! It is such an honor and a pleasure to be a friend. It is my wish that one of these days, we'd get to see each other in person. I would truly like that. I hope all is well with you?

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

Hi teacher Michelle! Wow I would love to meet you guys in person. You are not just an ordinary friend, you're an inspiration to me. Thank you. We may not have a constant communication but your articles are helping me be inspired and be positive. =)

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

Thanks a lot Charia... for this lovely article and for the mention. You are also close to my hear as well, and very glad to have had stumbled upon with you...

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

Hi Charia a well written hub. I am going to bookmark this one. Glad I found you on here!!

celeBritys4africA profile image

celeBritys4africA 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

I like the hub, well written.

InduswebiTech profile image

InduswebiTech 4 years ago from Rama Road, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, India

really glad to be here..

nice hub and genuine too..

keep it up... i enjoyed while reading your hub and its your achievement

this hub might also interest you..


Eileen Goodall profile image

Eileen Goodall 4 years ago from Buckinghamshire, England

Sorry but, so what is RSS?

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