Why I prefer adsense over affiliate programs

Why pay per click programs are better than affiliate programs

Well there are lot of ways to make money from Internet.Affiliate programs and pay per click programs are the most preferred ways to make money over Internet.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the best out the two.Lets look into pros and cons of both.

Affiliate programs :

Pros :

Very high payouts.You can make up-to 75 percent of sale .

No need to have a website or blog

If you know the proper tricks you can make millions.

Cons :

You will be paid only when a sale occur.

No payout if a visitor you referred didn't make any purchase.

Either you need very high quality to impress readers or you need to shell out money to drive traffic to affiliate sites.

If you shell out money and no one purchased anything you lost the money.

Dont ever think of the 60 day cookie offered by affiliate sites.Now more people are using cookie cleaners that cleans the cookie and thus removing the details about affiliate who refers the visitor.

Pay per click rocks!!!!

You wont find such problems with Ad Sense.You don't have to shell out any money .You can make money without spending any money.

Why AdSense ?

AdSense is one of the best pay per click programs.They pays in time.No delay.They can be trusted.

You will be paid for every click on the ad that you place in your site.

Your earnings is not dependent on any sale.

The drawback associated with AdSense was that you needed a blog or site to place your ads. But you don't need to own any site or blog any more.

You don't have to be a writer or an expert. There are revenue sharing sites which let you place your AdSense ads and help you earn money.

Hubpages is one of them .This site helps you make money via adsense revenue sharing.

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How2BDebtFree profile image

How2BDebtFree 8 years ago

Thanks for the great page - I am not sure that you will make millions with adsense, but it is a good income stream which is passive and does not need any maintenance.

Amit 8 years ago

thanks for the information. It was informative

Amit 8 years ago

Nice information, Thanks

creativeMind profile image

creativeMind 8 years ago from Cochin Author

thanks Amit for the support

creativeMind profile image

creativeMind 8 years ago from Cochin Author

How2BDebtFree , adsense is a good means to generate income .Even if you didnt get millions you can make thousands.

zylla3philippines profile image

zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

I'll keep this in mind. But for now I want to have the colorful effect of eBay and Amazon...though I might give up wandering around trying to find a way to go past the final step (even in 'link to this page') when they say "now paste the code anywhere in your website, etc." Huh? Where? I need a few more steps to find the where and wherefore of things.

To my dummy non-techie brain, this is just the start of 'the long and winding road...' to discovery. Thanks...I may come back when my thoughts are not as clear as mud anymore. You have done greater things in 2 weeks than my 4 weeks.-sigh!-

sana.lakhani profile image

sana.lakhani 8 years ago from United Kingdom

I like google adsense too; for maximizing google adsense income visit


Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

According to me Adsense is better than affiliated Pgms...

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