Will i earn a fortune writing for hubpages

Earning money with hubpages

 Ok so the title caught your eye and your reading this hub to a last find out if you will make a fortune writng hubs for Hubpages.

Well first of all ask yourself what the reason was as to why you joined hubpages in the first place.If it was simply because you thought it was a get rich quick scheme the please click the X in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Ok so if your still here and the reason you joined hubpages was to right and share your experiences and possibly make a little income on the side then read on.

Hubpages is a long term project that will take time for you to get a financial income from and it wont neccesarily be enough for you to pack up the day job. Hubpages for the best part to me is seen as a Hobby and i enjoy writing on vast array of subjects and seeing what does and dosnt make money.

Now if you enjoy writing ask yourself would you get more satisfaction from 20 comments on your latest hub or that it made you £1 or $1, now hands up who said both.

Seriously though whatever you earn from hubpages your earning from your writing and if you joined hubpages to write then congratulations your a paid writer.




So what are the pitfalls of hubpages

 Well the pitfalls of hub pages are quite obvious really

Firstly you are on a 60/40 split with hubpages with your Google Adsense earnings but at the same time Hubpages does provide you a platform to write on and is popular with Google.

If Hubpages was to fold then bangs goes all your hardwork

If Hubpages falls out with Google bang goes all your hardwork

But with all this in mind its a great platform to launch your online writing career and start earning some money

So when will i earn money online

So when does the cash come rolling in from Google Adsense that makes me think i am glad i joined hubpages.Well it does take time and it is long term but you do have to put in some hard work at the start and get some hubs under your belt then with a little patience you will see you Adsense account making money.

I have been on Hubpages 4 months now and some of my hubs i wrote in my first month are now starting to trickle in a little return, so in turn i also know that hubs i write now will not necessarily start making money for another 2 to 3 months and only then will i found it if financially they have been successful.With this in mind if i carry on writing as i have done then in a years time i should be able to see revenue coming in from 10 months worth of writing.Also for example if you have written about something seasonal and lets say Xmas for example then you know that next year when Xmas comes around that hub should see an increase of views during that seasonal period even though it may well of not really been viewed for the other 11 months of the year.

The main thing is really not to give up after a couple of months because you haven't made thousands of pounds or dollars, that's not to say people haven't but that's rare in the terms of how many people write for hubpages.

If writing is your passion then the money isnt an issue but it still gives you a great buzz when you see you have earned some through your writing.

In general terms it generally works out that you will get 1 cent or 1 pence for every 100 views so you can work out from that just how many hits you need on your pages to potentially start making decent money online.

But when you joined hubpages no one ever said you would be a millionaire or make enough to give up work but instead what hubpages does do is give you the opportunity to make money but like everything in life you have to put in alot of hard work and on top of a full time job that's not necessarily easy but persevere fellow hubbers and you will see money and get your first cheque through the post from Google.

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hubpageswriter 6 years ago

The cheques keep coming and we'll keep smiling. I like your hub here, very inspiring. Here's for the love of writing too.=)

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Hubpageswriter thanks for gracing my hub and your spot on its just about writing what you love and the money is your reward

thespiralglow profile image

thespiralglow 6 years ago from Connecticut

Good advice. I just started yesterday, so I doubt I'll see any cash flow for some time, but it's good to know that some people do make a little extra here and there. If nothing else, Hubpages gives me a reason to write things to add to my portfolio.

Also, thanks for following me!

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Spiral Glow, thanks for the comments!! You can make money on hubpages just keep writing and be a little patient at the start and you will see the results.Welcome to Hubpages and if you need any tips then just let me know!!!Cheers

pjdscott profile image

pjdscott 6 years ago from Durham, UK

I would totally agree with you, having been on HubPages a little longer than your good self. It is fun and very rewarding, but there is no major cash advantage.

One thing that is very useful is the support you receive from other Hubbers...

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Hi Peter Your right hubpages is more about getting the support of fellow hubbers who give us the encouragement to carry on writing and picking up a little money at the same time..!!!Cheers

Leachy79 profile image

Leachy79 6 years ago from Aylesbury, Bucks, England

I've just joined Hubpages, and to be honest I get great satisfaction from seeing that people have read my hubs, and even better when they feel compelled to write a comment. If I make any money then great, but that will just be a unexpected bonus

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Leachy79 Welcome to Hubpages and i hope you enjoy!!! Thanks for the comment as you say making a little money is the Bonus the best bit is having people read and comment on your work.

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