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Google Analytics Now Offers New Benchmarking Feature

Google has written all their users of Analytics about their new service offering. When users now log into their accounts they may notice a new option to choose. They can now share their Google Analytics data. By providing these new data sharing options, Google hopes to provide their users with transparency, and control with these new services based upon their preferences.

If you would like to learn more about these new data sharing features you can visit Google FAQ's by visiting their website: answer=87515

Google is also proud to announce this first new feature of industry benchmarking to all those who opt in to share their data. What this Benchmarking will do is allow users to compare their metrics against their industry verticals.

If you want to add this new optional feature to your Google Analytics account an administrator will have to make changes selecting the new data options. The following is how your administrator can make these changes.

Step 1. First Log-on to your account. You should see a yellow data sharing settings box right on the Google Analytics page. On my account I saw the following.

Analytics Settings - HubPages (Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings)

Step 2. Click on the Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings or "More data sharing options" link within the yellow box.

Step 3. You have tow buttons you can choose from. 1. Share my Google Analytics data... with two options boxes Box 1 Share my Google Analytics data... Box 2 Anonymously with Google products and the benchmarking service You can choose one box or both boxes. 2. Do not share my Google Analytics data

Step 4. Save or Cancel you Changes. Box is displayed with either option.

You will need to do these steps for each of you accounts.

This new Google Analytics Industry Benchmarking feature is still in beta. So once you select and enable this new benchmarking feature it may take up to tow weeks before the categorized, aggregated and anonymized benchmarking data shows up in your Analytic reports. If you want some more information you can visit Google FAQ's on benchmarking service at: Topic 13909

If you choose to opt in and start sharing your data Google promises to have additional benchmarking services and will provide them as soon as they become available. With these new services hopes to make your data more insightful and sophisticated for these users. You you like you can choose to user these new Data sharing services or you can simply specify on the settings page that you do not want to share your data.

Google Analytics Data Sharing

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ShaamCA 4 years ago from India

Thanks for the tips as i have been looking for videos to correct my Google analytics account

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