Adsense business: the simple success formula for free

This folks is the adsense business formula (or I could have called it "make money with adwords!"), and I am going to be giving out this and a whole host of other tips and strategies for making money through and carefully thought out adsense business plan. So stick around as I reveal the secret strategies that I use.

You would be right in wondering why it is that I am not spending time like other people trying to get people like you dip into your pockets to pay me a monthly sum to tell you the secrets to adsense. After all, there are many people who are and making a ton of cash out of it. Well it's simple, I discovered not so long ago that most of the information that people are paying for is already out there, on the internet, for free. And all it takes is for someone to come along and pull all those threads together. And that person today is me.

So I am going to reveal what I do. And remember, that you could have found all this information for yourself and not have to pay another penny. All I ask is that you give it time and you don't go shelling out. Not just yet anyway. There is a time when it is right to spend money on your business. There is a time when it is just right to go asking others for their viewpoints and comments. And there is a time when you could do with some of the specialised information and critical solutions that some of the other sites provide. It's just that that time is not yet. Now is the time for learning as much as you can so that you can maximise the knowledge you have when you finally shell out!

The rest of this hub is devoted to an overview of the system, and further hubs in this group (you'll find the links at the bottom of the page and in the article itself) will build to give you a wider picture.

The adsense business is all about hard work

Sorry, but it is.  You can't walk into it and expect on day one to making thousands.  In fact this like any other business has it's maturation period.  It will take time for it to work, and it will depend on your staying power whether or not it will work out in the end.  Even if you decide to go for writing hubpages, which is the easiest way of getting an adsense cheque, you are going to have to write around 100 hubs plus creating backlinks to see the results.  

But for those who do have the commitment, and that is a dirty word these days, you will see results.

Content creation

It can be made a little easier though by not actually creating all that content yourself.

Once you know how to create content you can then go and pay someone else to do it for you. Now I know that that will take some money, so I have created a short hub that will help you to realise that you probably have more money than you realise that can be invested in your company and that will get you off to a good start.

Once your content is created you can start pasting up backlinks using that content for both your main money page and the backlinks to the site. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Lets put all these steps into order.

The adsense business formula

1. Get some money together. You will need it. Around $400. Don't panic, I show you how you can make that here.

2. Learn how to create content yourself, you will need to show your employee/writer how to do it when you outsource. Now is a good time to learn before you spend any money.

3. Learn about how page ranking affects what appears on the google search engine.

4. Learn how you should research your keywords quickly and effectively, and filter out those which are not going to make you any money. The right keywords will then display on your page to pay you.

5. Learn how to create the right kinds of backlinks through your own content, article sites, link exchanges and blog posts

6. Rinse and repeat, as they say.

Adsense marketting: don't forget to call!

I am going to use this hubpage as a hub of hubs, as it were.  Here you will find the main links to the formula that I use, and over the coming months this information will be released.  So please, don't forget to subscribe!

All the best to you in your business endeavours!

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