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How can you make money on HubPages if you're not in USA?

I like Hub-pages and I enjoy working on hubs. But I see that some people can make money on Hub-pages! Google Ad Sense didn't allow me to join an Ad Sense account to my Hub-pages account before 6 months of joining. Amazon is not supported by Hub-pages out of USA. eBay is not available in my country. So How can I make money on Hub-pages if I'm in Egypt?

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Chris Andrews (CJ Andrews) says

5 years ago
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claudiafox says

4 years ago
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    kommar 4 years ago

    Claudiafox: ..thanks for info.., my friends, I need some advice from you

    what should I follow for living in Indonesia?

    because I need to get money to fund the volunteer organization that I founded, "MAHAKARTA Search And Rescue of Yogyakarta"


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Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin (Ibrahim K. Shafin) says

5 years ago
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whoisbid says

5 years ago
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  • anglowriter 3 years ago

    You don't need to give any tax details. I'm outside the US and had no problem signing up.


go2sady says

3 years ago
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