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How does your own URL generate traffic to your hubs?

Under traffic sources, I normally see that the new URL is generating quite a lot of traffic. However, what causes this? I understand that a website gets direct traffic, but in the case of Hubpages, I would expect this to be to the content pages. Is it that people get sent to my profile URL "" from search engines (like Google) and then they click a hub? Or is it something else?

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Bema Self (BizGenGirl) says

5 years ago
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whoisbid says

5 years ago
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Giselle Maine says

5 years ago
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    Esrom Aritonang (Esrom Art) 4 years ago

    I love this explanation. I did not know about content farm. I am a dummy about CEO etc. When read about content farm, I understand it from your explanation. Thanks