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Why won't my amazon ads show up anymore

I made some money on amazon for the first time. Now when I try to advertise with them No ads show up . I am wondering if I missed a change in the way we are supposed to place ads. I am so disouraged. Workd so hare and Google kicks me out after 3 weeks for someone cliciking on a particular ad iover abd over and now amazon. please offer any advice. I can't do ebay without an active google account. wish we had other sources for income.

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Mary Craig (tillsontitan) says

4 years ago
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    LindaSmith1 4 years ago

    I just checked my hubs and got the same thing. I switched browser and it made no difference. I signed out of hub pages, and gmail then reopened gmail with the account I use here , and then reopened hub pages and still nothing.

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LindaSmith1 says

5 years ago
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