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Question about links left in comments

Sometimes I have people that leave really nice comments that pertain to my hub but at the end of the comment they will end it like this: come visit us @ link. If I approve the comment because they actually commented on my hub does the link hurt my hub score or search engine ranking? Should we ever allow outside links in the comment section?

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sunbun143 says

4 years ago

Jamesm1968 says

4 years ago
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James Paterson (jimmythejock) says

4 years ago

Emerald Strachan says

4 years ago
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    Jamie Brock 4 years ago

    Thank you Emerald and to everyone else who answered... I have decided to go ahead and approve the comments as long as I feel that they are sincere and the links are relevant to the hub.


Rob Penn says

4 years ago