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Is it against the terms of HubPages to Use My Hubs For Fiverr?

I've had a great idea of advertising on fiverr to publish an article on HubPages which will act as a backlink for another person's website. Of course the content will be relevant, and as high a quality as I can manage, but before I go through with this I want to make sure that HubPages would be okay with this.

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Julianna (AEvans) says

4 years ago
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    drspaniel 4 years ago

    Oh no you've got me all wrong :) My plan was to advertise writing unique content on any subject that a person would pay $5 for, and then by inserting a link (in my hub) to their website, I would create a Backlink to their content. :)

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sonnys says

4 years ago
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amithak50 says

4 years ago
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