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What is wrong with hubpages?

last week one of my hubs was removed for "unrelated advertising links." I did not have one link on that hub! I removed my Amazon ad. that was for a book about politics, and by hub was about politics and it was re-published. I added my Amazon again, and its been fine ever since. Now one of my hubs was removed for "explicit content", stating there is nudity, ect. Its a hub about WordPress! There is noting provocative! What could be provocative about WordPress!

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Randy McLaughlin (Randy M.) says

4 years ago
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    Chloe Davis Smith (nochance) 4 years ago

    Apparently hubpages is using different formats for hubs in specific areas. Recipe hubs are getting changed as are some hubs about technology.

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bryteyedgemini says

4 years ago
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PageC says

4 years ago
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