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Is it common for answers to be deleted?

I've noticed my answers and the answers of others have been deleted from several different questions, most recently because the answers did not agree with the questioner's point of view. I find this incredibly immature and I was wondering if any others are seeing this also? Even though I've only been here for a couple two or three weeks, I am finding that it is less frustrating for me to answer certain questions, but I feel that I am censoring myself in the process.

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Best Answer Eric Calderwood says

4 years ago
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breathe2travel says

4 years ago
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Sp Greaney (sangre) says

4 years ago
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    breathe2travel 4 years ago

    Is HP still removing those now that the "comment" boxes are available? I had a couple removed with a notice from HP in my email that it was too much of an answer prior to the comment boxes.

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