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What is the most hubbed topic on the hubpages?

I often wonder why people keep on writing the same thing again and again. However when I go through the writings, I find interesting variations in analysis, interpretation and outlook. Can anyone answer with substantial evidence on the most written topics on hubpages?

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Best Answer Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) says

4 years ago
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purnimamoh1982 says

4 years ago
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    Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) 4 years ago

    Unfortunately I tend to write almost exclusively about heavy metal music and bad movies... neither of which are big money making topics. But hey, you're supposed to write what you know, and it's what I know.

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Brian L. Powell (leroy64) says

4 years ago
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cheaptoys says

4 years ago
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    purnimamoh1982 4 years ago

    I think, you got me wrong. I am not seeking ideas on topics on which I am to write a hub. Just for the sake of curiosity, want to know on what topics most people keep writing.