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How long should I wait before publishing a work on Hubpages that I have deleted from another site?

I write for a variety of online writing sites, and for a while now it has become apparent to me that my work is better suited on Hubpages than any other writing site. However, after deleting some articles from another site and publishing them on Hubpages, I have found that many are being flagged for duplication. While I understand why they have been flagged, I do hold all the rights to the articles in question and simply want to change the site that they are hosted on. How long should I wait before I publish an article previously published on another site on Hubpages?

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rex michaels says

4 years ago
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    Sue B. 4 years ago

    rex, you gave some good advice. I am also contemplating republishing an article that I believe is no longer online and will certainly try paperrater.


AndriyR says

4 years ago
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