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I use the amazon ads, should I also use the ebay ads on my hubs?

I don't do very well with the amazon ads as it is. Should I continue to focus on amazon so that maybe one day I will get a pay off, or should I also use the ebay ads? Does anyone use both and how does ebay perform with respect to amazon?

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Best Answer Dianna Mendez (teaches12345) says

4 years ago
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    michiganman567 4 years ago

    I tried out the ebay adds. I liked them at first, since we get a few pennies for clicks. But, there is too much upkeep. If you do one for an IPhone for instance, but it might turn into an IPhone case once the initial auction is over.

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Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

4 years ago
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cheaptoys says

4 years ago
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