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Can someone contact hubpages for me?

Can someone please contact hubpages and let them no that I get no comment notifications? The only thing that I am receiving is the Hubpages Weekly. In other words, I get no notifications on hubs that people write that I am following, nothing on their comments, or nothing on comments to my own material. Thanks in advance. My account is not on vacation. Someone will have to answer via my personal e-mail.

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Best Answer Kathy (Lucky Cats) says

4 years ago
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    Deb Hirt (aviannovice) 4 years ago

    Thanks, Lucky Cats. There was nothing wrong with my settings as suggested. Eviudently, several people had this same problem, and all is again well. We are getting our messages. I appreciate your help!

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Marissa (ThePracticalMommy) says

4 years ago
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