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Traffic has dropped and I can't find my hubs in

Traffic was a steady 200 vpd to almost 0 in just one day. I've checked for duplicate content thru copyscape as well as copy paste into google browser. In fact, it seems that my hubs have disappeared. If I copy paste a paragraph of my hub into google search, it doesn't show up unless I add the term 'hubpages' to the search. Is this an update thing or something wrong with my page? I've been on HubPages for 6 months and ridden out each Google update with no problem so far. Also my profile score has gone down a little more than usual.

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Brenda Kyle (bridalletter) says

4 years ago
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    Melis Ann 4 years ago

    It is so strange that still I am getting zero traffic from Google. I can look for my hubpages site in Google search and find all my hubs listed so I know they are indexed. Also checked Webmaster Tools and no warnings or problems are listed.

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Melis Ann says

3 years ago
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Brian Freeman says

3 years ago
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