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How does Hubpages calculate your profile score and your Hub score?

My profile score and Hub score just go up and down randomly whenever I check them. I’ve heard that Hub score is calculated by traffic. Is it true? Is traffic the only factor? How about profile score? Someone please help me answer this question!!! Thanks

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Becky Katz says

4 years ago
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    Tuong Dao (Happy Family) 4 years ago

    Thanks! Your answer helped me a lot. I'm working on a new Hub right now. I hope my Hubber score will be as high as you some day.


ghiblipg says

4 years ago
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  • ghiblipg 4 years ago

    HubScore takes into account many factors and will change over time as data continues to stream in. It will also fluctuate quite a bit, seemingly at random, and that is nothing to worry about. The most important HubScore components that you should be

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