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Does having more Hubs, lower the traffic of each?

Some Hubs that used to get a steady stream of traffic are now getting none at all, ever since I doubled the amount of hubs that I had published. Should I be unpublishing some of my hubs, is it possible that my SEO and Google ranking is suffering because I have too many hubs, of which some are slightly outdated?

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Wesman Todd Shaw says

4 years ago
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    CCahill 4 years ago

    Cheers Wes, Ah see this is what i was wondering, say i removed 50 hubs which each brought 1 hit in 30 days, thats a loss of 50 hits a month but by increasing the value of my subdomain would i get at least 50 hits more a month in theory

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Jackson (Jack von Faust) says

4 years ago
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online4income says

4 years ago
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