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Can we make a link between Hubpages and Deliberate Negligence? Do you want an example?

1. You write a hub. 2. You have your AdSense working on Hubpages 3. Hubpages takes down your hub for extra revision (ok!) 4. AdSense is not working anymore because the hub is missing. 5. Is Hupages warning you? No! (Deliberate Negligence because this can not be the first time this happens!) 6. Does Hubpages benifit from this mistake? Yes! 7. Then you write them a mail. And they send you a mail with grammar mistakes? And say they can not help it? So.. Can anybody set this straight for me? Is Hubpages a moraliy correct site? Or is this a case of Deliberate Negligence? And I can be wrong!!!

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paxwill says

4 years ago
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    atotsm 4 years ago

    Your suggestions can't be intended to shut me up in your language. So I am not planning for this thank you. Are you know a case of deliberate indifference? Deliberate Negligence is what it is, and it doesn't matter wat kind of language I speak or not

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I'M BANNED Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!! (tussin) says

4 years ago
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