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Do you want your views and hubpages to come back?

If this is what youre wanting then you need to look more into your hubs. If you haven't put caption on your photos be sure to do that. If you have a million links on your hub try to cut it down some, remember that photo links count as a link for your hub so instead of using the URL use the source name instead. If you are one of those that just sits around and waits for people to view their stuff and follow dont do that. Be more active and follow others as well, go and comment on their stuff and they will most likely comment on yours as well. Hubpages will only be as good as the community is.

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Janis Leslie Evans (janshares) says

4 years ago
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    Bobby Isenhower (isenhower33) 4 years ago

    When i reached 1000 views i had 6 hubs i think and i had been writing for right around two weeks, and the first week of that i had just the one hub. The longer hubs stay on here the more views you'll get because google doesnt recognize them as good

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ivanmarginal says

4 years ago
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