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Is hubpages providing money for the page views? can that money submitted to adsense ?

Actually I am new of hubpages. I have created my account in adsense and hubpages. both are linked now. I have heard that hubpages are providing earning for 1000 page views also. is that true ? I don't have a paypal account. So can these page view earnings submitted to adsense account ? if yes then how ? Please writing little bit detail becoz I don't have much idea about the hubpages, paypal & adsense. Thanks in advance for the helpers.

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Susan Keeping (Uninvited Writer) says

4 years ago
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    Keyur Patel (LoveYouKeyur) 4 years ago

    It means if i dont connect my paypal with HB then the payment will go to the adsense ... right ?