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Sitemaps: When do I get a Sitemap for my account?

When I tried to submit my sitemap to google, it said there was an eror 404 meaning that my account has not had a sitemap created for it yet. So how long does it take to get a sitemap? Do you have to write a certain amount of articles before HubPages creates a sitemap for you? All I know is that it would help my 2 articles already published here if I could submit a sitemap to google.

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Best Answer Page1 SEO tactics says

3 years ago
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    HowCanIGetMoney 3 years ago

    Great work around thanks for the tip and answering about when a hubpages user is elligible for a sitemap.

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flashmakeit says

4 years ago
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    HowCanIGetMoney 4 years ago

    It's a good hub, about creating a hub to act as a sitemap for people, as well as for the spiders to find links to your pages, however it is a bit out dated as to what is allowed in our user profile, as we can't have links in the text of our profile.