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Why come hub is hrod to get on toso much I cant seem to setup my hub why is it so hrod to do I dont

so what do I do to setup my hub so people can follow me I cant set it up without help can you help me do that so I can get stred on my hub so what am I doing wrong to setup my sit on hub so I need help plase get me help so coe and help me get straed on it so let me what I can do for you I can help others people that have the same thing that I have going on with meyes if you want to know what I go though let me know now is the time to show people that you arereal on this thing hub is good to have so plase help me do what I love to do help somebody so when can ido this thing I love helping peopl

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I'M BANNED Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!! (tussin) says

4 years ago