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What was your greatest fear as a new hubber if any?

Many of us during the beginning phases, and learning stages as a hubber were mostly lost, maybe slightly confused about things, or many of us just had no idea what we were doing besides what we knew best, which was to write our hearts out. If once upon a time, you were indeed loaded with any fears whatsoever about being a great online writer here, we would love to know what it was that placed such a thing in your mind. Also try to write about how you conquered such a thing, if those fears no longer linger in your mind any longer. (Ex: content issues, not sure about images, writers block etc)

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cryptid says

4 years ago
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Wesman Todd Shaw says

4 years ago
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    deblevey 4 years ago

    What if nobody likes my writing? What I write has always been intensely personal, revealing the 'real' me in a way that has never come easily in verbal communication. I'm afraid that if my readers reject my writing, they are actually rejecting me.