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Why does my hub keep saying it is a duplicate? It is my work. I even made many changes many times.

I deleted it, rewrote it and tried to publish it again, after having made many changes. Still it says duplicate. It should not say this. It is my work.

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Gary R. Smith (Emanate Presence) says

3 years ago
  • thomasczech profile image

    thomasczech 3 years ago

    Thank you for your help. I will google and see. I did have this particular hub posted on another blog but did remove it prior to publishing it on hubpages.

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Doc Snow says

3 years ago
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Russ Moran (rfmoran) says

3 years ago
  • Vickiw 3 years ago

    This is so interesting, and makes perfect sense of course. It has not happened to me, but I will certainly keep it in the forefront of my mind, as a lot of us do not only write for HP. Thanks for your explanations, fellow Hubbers. Always great people

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Luis E Gonzalez (LuisEGonzalez) says

3 years ago
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carol stanley (carol7777) says

3 years ago
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dashingscorpio says

3 years ago
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Angela Blair says

3 years ago
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ArtzGirl says

3 years ago
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Janis Leslie Evans (janshares) says

3 years ago
  • Doc Snow profile image

    Doc Snow 3 years ago

    That was what I hated about the process: the initial presumption was that I had copied someone, when the truth was exactly the opposite. But luckily, publication dates told the tale very clearly.

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thoughtfulgirl2 says

3 years ago
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My Esoteric says

3 years ago
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Mr Nice says

3 years ago
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Theodore S. Sumrall (theodoresumrall) says

3 years ago
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sweetie1 says

3 years ago
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peachy (peachpurple) says

3 years ago
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thomasczech says

3 years ago
  • number2son profile image

    number2son 3 years ago

    Hopefully your problem gets solved.

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number2son says

3 years ago
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ib radmasters says

3 years ago
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    cascoly 3 years ago

    i've always found hp support helpful -- easy way to check your hub is copy 4-5 lines of text directly into google & see what pops up. i've seen where i delete an amazon rev, but other sites continue to show it. HP always eventually approves