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Would you rather have 1) High hub traffic 2) Great Google Rank 3) High CPM or 4) Top grade content?

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Best Answer Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

3 years ago
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Brian Rock (brianrock) says

3 years ago
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    aa lite 3 years ago

    With HP Ads the CPM does not vary that much, probably only 4x between highest and lowest. I don't think anybody has a CPM under 1$. So for HubPages I don't think it's the main factor in earnings. But you are right, I hate the 2 cent clicks!

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Michael Ward (CrescentSkies) says

3 years ago
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aa lite says

3 years ago
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Chitrangada Sharan (ChitrangadaSharan) says

3 years ago
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paxwill says

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Stephanie Payne Denne (Neinahpets) says

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peachy (peachpurple) says

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lburmaster says

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