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How do I withdraw my earnings?

What are the limits for withdrawing, and how do I go about withdrawing? I looked over a few other previously asked questions and only ended up with more questions. One mentioned that hubpages only pays for their part, the "affiliate" places come from them direct (such as Google Adsense, amazon, etc). I usually only put eBay ads on my hubs as I've never really made anything from Amazon, but would also be interested in learning how to put Google ads within my hubs. Any advise on that would be great. Also, if affiliates pay directly, how do I get my eBay earnings, an what is their limit? Thanks

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Best Answer Georgianna Lowery (Georgie Lowery) says

3 years ago
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    Billy Haynes (Bills Place) 3 years ago


    Thanks for the fast reply, that's different (auto withdraw) as usually sites let you wait until your ready to withdraw to avoid as much paypal fees. New question, balance history shows end of April: 49.09, but overall earnings shows 53.05. Why?

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JThomp42 says

3 years ago
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