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Does Hub Pages track my browsing history?

I am noticing that some of the advertisements on hubs are advertisements for items that I have been researching on line. I may be acting paranoid but I have been researching pull behind reel finishing mowers to use to mow my yard, they are suddenly all over Hub Pages. I do not think that there are that many people looking for non-motorized pull behind mowers, the types and.The same goes for binoculars and other lawn care equipment that I have been looking at to include Amish tools I looked up which are job specific tools that I had to research in depth to find. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Efficient Admin says

3 years ago
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Jennifer Suchey says

3 years ago
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JThomp42 says

3 years ago
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    Jessica Marello (Dreamhowl) 3 years ago

    Agreed - I think Google is the culprit here.