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How does HubPages benefit from keeping "non-engaging" hubs from the search engines?

I understand perfectly why HP would want to prevent hubs of poor quality from being available to search engines. I don't understand why HP wants to prevent quality hubs on obscure topics from that availability. Example: It is true that not many searches are done for the biography of a certain Civil War schoolteacher (written by yours truly), but how does it hurt anything to have it out there in cyberspace for anybody who might stumble upon it? Or somebody who is researching their family tree? Or somebody who studies the Civil War?

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bethperry says

3 years ago
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    Marie Brannon 3 years ago

    Thanks, bethperry. Like you, I rarely comment on what I perceive to be tempests in a teapot, but... my goal in joining HP in the first place was to find a home for my ORIGINAL, albeit obscure, content instead of joining the SEO craze.

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Daniel (djdaniel150) says

3 years ago
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