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I'm confused, are featured hubs removed from being featured due to low reader response or content?

I have been watching my hubs more carefully as of late. I have noticed several of my hubs go from featured to needing revision. I'm confused, if the hub itself was deemed to be featured originally then why does it need revision at all? And why do they also go back and forth without me changing a word or re-publishing. As shocking as it is to some of you HP writers, I do not have my pay-pal account activated. For me this site is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy being a part of, I am just trying to understand the importance of being featured, as it seems to me it's not entirely accurate or logical.

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Becky Katz says

3 years ago
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    wildove5 3 years ago

    Becky, the issue is the hub WAS featured originally and for quite some time, then it becomes Un-featured, then sometimes re-featured without me making any changes.

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Andrew Spacey (chef-de-jour) says

3 years ago
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