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Would the Q&A section of HP improve if we tried to avoid religious and political topics?

These two topics have dominated this section so much, that a lot of people are losing interest. So many questions are the same except worded differently and responses usually end as arguments. There are tons of other things to ask about. Ultimately, we,as hubbers, control the interest level of these sections; not Hubpages. What do you think?

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Sherry Hewins says

3 years ago
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    Billie Kelpin 3 years ago

    Sherry, come to think of it, the search function really is inadequate here. Sometimes I try to search a hub article that I KNOW I read and can't remember the title. The keywords doesn't do it. So, hmmm...

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Billie Kelpin says

3 years ago
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JThomp42 says

3 years ago
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