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Our sweet Clarakish@yahoo.com is having trouble publishing. Can you help?

She can get her title in but then cannot get her text in and she has been trying for several days. She is a Christian writer and started writing in 1940 and now after all those years she is writing here and so beautifully I hate to see her quit, so could someone please try to help. Other than have her go to another computer and try it (which I don't know if she can do) I have no other ideas but surely it would not be Hp causing this for any reason, right? I wouldn't think so.

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CraftytotheCore says

3 years ago
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Romeos Quill says

3 years ago
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    Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago

    I don't know, I will have her come here to read. Now she cannot even comment on her own pages but she could come to mine and leave a comment. Isn't that just so weird?

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HattieMattieMae says

3 years ago
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