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If you edit a hub, does the copyright change to the date of the edit?

Sometimes people add or remove a photo, or text, etc, from there hubs. When you do an edit of any kind, does this change the date that your hub was copyrighted? In other words, what was likely once copyrighted, is now something else to a degree. How does the copyright tool on HubPages handle this. I am speaking of the tool under display options. The reason for the question also is that with all the stolen content issues going on, people may want to make sure the original date of the copyright stands, otherwise the stolen content will look "older". What are your thoughts on this?

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The Examiner-1 says

3 years ago
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sheilamyers says

3 years ago
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    Paula (oceansnsunsets) 3 years ago

    Ok, thanks for your answer. Is the notice like one sent to people following the hub or topic, or sent to the HubPages feed?