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Do "Previous" and "Next" hubs get automatically rotated if there are more than 3 hubs in a group?

I'm wondering--because if they don't, it would mean my account should only be 18 hubs maximum: six featured under the profile and three articles in a hub group (6 X 3 = 18) for best exposure and easy reference for a follower. An exception might be a novel where all chapters are included in one hub. Theoretically, a writer could add two more novels of the same genre in a group and up to five other genres or chronologies. That would still be 18 "hubs," though.

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Marie Flint says

2 years ago

sheilamyers says

2 years ago
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    Marie Flint 2 years ago

    Thank you for your input, Sheila, but that isn't exactly my concern because I have MORE than three hubs in some of my groups. This "more than" situation is my concern. So, are you saying that the "previous" and "next" will always be the one (cont.)