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7 hubs and 0 views? What am I doing wrong?

I promoted each of my hubs on social media and various outlets as I published them. Each got up to around 50 views. At least 5 of my hubs are generally search engine friendly, and I can find them all with pretty good ranking on google. They might not be the right kind of hubs. Maybe I'm going in the wrong direction? I realize that I should write on a specific niche, but was testing to see which type of topics and writing styles would do best. Turns out, they all get 0 daily views after about a week. Is this normal?

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Susannah Birch (WryLilt) says

2 years ago
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    Travis Murphy (BLynd Logyk) 2 years ago

    Thanks WryLilt, for responding to my question!

    I've already viewed plenty of your amazing and useful hubs, but you're right.. My titles don't answer questions! Thanks for the useful tip!

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William A. Howard IV (wmhoward4) says

2 years ago
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