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Why can't Hubpages change their rules for posting in forums?

A common problem on the Q&A forum is when some goof ball opens multiple accounts only to post SPAM on the forum. Why won't Hubpages change the rules so that a user must at least have a completed profile and maybe even a wait time before they can post questions. I know this would not eliminate all SPAM, but it would make it harder on them. Currently, anyone can open a new user account and post SPAM questions in minutes.

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Lisa Vollrath (lisavollrath) says

2 years ago
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    Alan (mgeorge1050) 2 years ago

    That is an interesting answer, and I am sure the folks at Hubpages would get those types of bugs worked out over time. I am also pretty sure that even if changes were made, the spammers would just find ways around the new methods.