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Why the number of clicks per day can suddenly become 1/5 of average daily for your articles?

In last two days my hubpage clicks have suddenly become 28 from 70 & 80 per day for one of my articles.. What causes this.?

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Best Answer HaydenAlexander says

2 years ago
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    hubchief - pen name (HubChief) 2 years ago

    Thanks for the clue. I found the link to panda update. Google is expecting 3% to 5% impact. Our clicks are impacted 3. Fold. We are penny earners and now even those are impacted... Huboages, can you do something about it? See update link http://moz.c

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Catherine Mostly (Misfit Chick) says

2 years ago
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Nick (Nick DeGeorge) says

2 years ago
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