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Can we put Amazon capsules of products that are ours?

I write short fiction and am hoping that my writing here will attract readers of my Amazon fiction. If I just use a picture and a URL, Hubpages only allows 2 links to what they consider "affiliate sales." I like the look of the capsules and have used them on a few of my Hubs. Is it against any HP or Amazon policies to advertise our own Amazon products (products I am the creator of)?

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M. T. Dremer says

2 years ago
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    Jennifer Arnett (Availiasvision) 2 years ago

    Thanks! There would be no way to trace who creates what and trace it back to their hub profile. If I worked for Matel and built barbies, it wouldn't mean that I couldn't put a barbie capsule in my hub.

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Bill Holland (billybuc) says

2 years ago
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Jennifer Arnett (Availiasvision) says

2 years ago
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