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I was not paid for my amazon earnings during December 2014. Are they paid separately?

I received my earnings for the hubpages program, earned dec 1 2014 through dec 31 2014. That alone was above the $50 threshold. HOWEVER, I didn't receive the sum of my amazon affiliate earnings during that date range, it was only the HP earning program amount. Yes, I am using the HP amazon program, not my own affiliate code. Is there a different threshold for these earnings? Will I receive them, OR my January amazon earnings, with the payment that will be issued this month (feb 28th 2015)? What's the issue here?

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Glenn Stok says

23 months ago
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    angryelf 23 months ago

    Thanks glen! Up until the previous answer, I hadn't taken returns into mind until she said it was a 2 mo delay. That's good to know I'll see an additional boost in Feb's check!

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LindaSmith1 says

23 months ago
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