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Do you keep copies of the articles you publish here?

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Best Answer David Hunt (UnnamedHarald) says

18 months ago
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    TIMETRAVELER2 18 months ago

    That's excellent. I'm good, but not that good!

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Denise W Anderson (denise.w.anderson) says

18 months ago
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Venkatachari M says

18 months ago
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    Marie L B (MarieLB) 16 months ago

    Oh my Gosh VM. You are a trusting soul. I think you are one of those who do a lot of research in your articles. It shows. Wouldn't you want to ensure that you do not lose them? What if the site crashed, for whatever reason.?

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LoisRyan13903 says

18 months ago
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    starme77 18 months ago

    Always keep copies and file them well. I learned the hard way haha. I am still cleaning up my computer and finding things. It is important to keep copies - but more important to have them organized :)

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Sunil Kumar Kunnoth (sunilkunnoth2012) says

18 months ago
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