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One of my hubs has been selected to be edited with Hub Pro Basic. Any idea why & what this means?

The hub in question is getting very good traffic and is in fact at the top in all time views. Will this edit result in more traffic or how will it benefit my hub or me?

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John Hansen (Jodah) says

17 months ago
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    Rajan Singh Jolly (rajan jolly) 17 months ago

    I guess they should have mentioned Hub Pro Premium or rather hubs that are good in content but not on performance ought to be chosen for Hub Pro edits.

    Thanks for your observation John.

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Faceless39 says

17 months ago
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    JCielo 17 months ago

    I had 3 of my best hubs 'honored' in that way. And they certainly looked better. But, since then those 3 hubs' views have halved along with their income!

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