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Help....How do I remove multiple comments from my hub?

I responded to a comment and now there are a ton of my response....all I did was comment and click and my page is full...A sweet hubber stopped by to inform me...thanks anyone who can help I went in to moderate your hub but found nothing there ....

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Best Answer Rachel L Alba says

12 months ago
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    Patricia Scott (pstraubie48) 12 months ago

    thanks Rachel..of course I has been sooooo long since I deleted any that it just did not come to mind....:D

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John Hansen (Jodah) says

12 months ago
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Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) says

11 months ago
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Venkatachari M says

12 months ago
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  • Sakshi Davessar profile image

    Sakshi Davessar 12 months ago

    Patricia Scott typed the comment and clicked the publish button only once but there were multiple comments up there describing the same content. Patricia tried to click on 'moderate my own comment' but even that did not help

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Jackie Lynnley says

12 months ago
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