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Could ABC excluding Carly Fiorina from the debate be political? Why can't she be in it?

Clearly they are Democrat and it amazes me even that Republicans agree to this especially as the last one was so obviously biased in the questioning with CNN and don't give me oh you are a Republican because I am not. I use to be a Democrat is all I can honestly say. They want no competition against the woman Hillary. I love listening to Carly, she has a brain and she is a woman! How would it look if a network would not allow Hillary? So obvious, don't you think?

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TSAD (tsadjatko) says

8 months ago
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    Pollyannalana 8 months ago

    True enough; I have been studying that list and some of them were even body guards! Wonder what they knew!

    We sure think a lot alike; you should do a hub on this I would love it and share it everywhere, every day!

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teamrn says

8 months ago
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Leslie McCowen (lovemychris) says

8 months ago
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  • tsadjatko profile image

    TSAD (tsadjatko) 8 months ago

    So you sayObama's a traitor,giving Iran billions&allowing them to continue progress toward a nuclear weapon&inter continental ballistic missiles?You are so duplicitous!Which is worse?Fiorina just doing business or Obama selling out America?

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bradmasterOCcal says

8 months ago
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    junkseller 8 months ago

    What would you base viability on? 1500+ people registered with the FEC as presidential candidates. A debate with all of them would obviously be useless.

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junkseller says

8 months ago
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  • teamrn profile image

    teamrn 8 months ago

    It;s not a matter of blaming networks or blaming the RNC, although the RNC should have (and possibly did) go to bat for her. But they didn't tell anyone.She didn't get exposure and someone beside me determined who will govern me. I smell a rat.!