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HubPages Network Site: From Hero To Zero

A couple of my hubs just got selected for a HubPages Network Site. Two of my Best Ever hubs just went from hundreds of hits to like 4 hits overnight. There is no opt-out, and I have No say in this at all. Basically HP just completely destroyed my income. It's been down about 70% all year and now they just basically deleted my best hubs and gave me the finger. Have you noticed that your hubs transferred to a Network Site have rallied or failed? I'm curious if they will rebound, or if, after over 5 years I should truly remove myself from this sinking ship. Thanks for your input!

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Rebecka Vigus (Duchessoflilac1) says

9 months ago
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    Andrew (thranax) 9 months ago

    You start earning when you reach Hubpages, Amazon, or Google's payment thresholds. You could have 1,000,000 hubs but if they aren't get views, clicks, or commissions then you wont get anything. Some topics and writings just aren't profitable.

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Andrew (thranax) says

9 months ago
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