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Do you delete insulting comments on HP Answers? Should you?

If you ask a question on Answers, you have the ability to delete an insulting comment. Should it be deleted or not? Some will say it is censorship. Others will claim that insults and personal attacks create a hostile environment and discourage people from taking part. Do you want a place to post comments were people can verbally abuse each other? Or do you want one like Reddit where the abuse isn't tolerated?

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CJ Kelly (lions44) says

5 weeks ago
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    Scott Bateman (promisem) 5 weeks ago

    LOL. I think I'd rather turn on the TV for some comedy (if I can find any). But I guess some of these are worth a laugh.

    I have been trolled by both sides too. I just saw a post mocking someone's husband. That's getting pretty low.

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junkseller says

5 weeks ago
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The General Conservative (aasl) says

5 weeks ago
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